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We are located in a facility which was built expressly for this type of operation, providing an environment which is free of vibration and air-borne contaminants.

Temperature and humidity are major environmental factors that affect measurements; therefore, our temperature and humidity are recorded each morning and afternoon to ensure they fall within our acceptable limits of 22° ±2°.
We have two DEA Omicron Coordinate Measuring Machines.   The measuring area is 26" X 18" X 13", although, depending on the nature of the part, larger parts can be measured with these machines.   These machines utilize the traditional touch probe contact method to obtain data manually.
Included in our extensive equipment list is a DEA Motorized Coordinate Measuring Machine utilizing PC-DMIS Software.

The programmability of this machine lends itself well to performing Statistical Process Control.   Our reporting software calculates all pertinent information which you may request, such as histograms X-bar and R-charts, data lists, etc.
We have three computer-assisted microscope measuring systems for inspection of small, close toleranced parts, such as multi-position wire connectors.

With magnifications from 20X to 200X, we have a RAM Optical measuring system with an integrated video printer.   This provides a detailed video image which can be transferred to a still photo for your review.   Parts can be quickly analyzed 

Also included in our equipment are two Nikon MM-22 Measuring systems with QC-4000 software.