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 Siemers Inspection Service, Inc., Celebrating 30 Years of Quality Service.

Victor (Vic) Siemers, formerly a partner in SSS Plastics, saw a need for Metrology and Quality Measurement. In 1983, he erected a pole barn on his own property and purchased his first machine, a comparator, as well as gage pins, and other tools.  Siemers Inspection Service was born.   Vic, along with his wife Beverly and son Tom, worked side by side growing the business. Siemers inspection Service quickly became known for their dependability and quality measurements. When it was evident that the business was taking off, Vic designed and built the permanent building on Prairie Street in Vicksburg, Michigan, where they still operate from today.

As technology advanced, so did Siemers with the addition of 3 CMM’s and 3 Scopes, and later added CAD capabilities.

In 1990 Vic saw the need for additional metrologists and hired Tammy Aerts; and in 1991, daughterPatti Siemers Corse and Tom Siemers 1999 Patti Siemers Corse joined the team. With a very talented crew in place, the business was sure to succeed. 
As time went on, Patti recognized that more was needed to put the business in a more competitive position and in 1999 was successful in Siemers Inspection Service receiving A2LA Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025-2005.  
It came time when Vic felt he needed to step aside and retire.   With Patti at the helm, he knew his business was in excellent hands, and in 2007 Siemers Inspection Service became a Women Owned Business.  Patti proved to be a true leader in the business her father started many years earlier.
Today, Siemers Inspection Service continues to thrive even in the most challenging of economic times. They credit this to the dedication, attention to quality and detail, and the talents of a very caring staff.  

Up to his recent passing on May 17, 2013, at age 88, Vic loved to come to the shop to work on restoring and caning old chairs.  He would never ask for payment, but rather asked that money be  donated to Kalamazoo's food bank, Loaves & Fishes.  Vic will be greatly missed.

   Vic Siemers April 29, 1925 - May 17, 2013